IDW announces a foundation series in the universe of the toon G.We. 1980s Joe

Always the front line of good ideas (‘vous marrez pas, the Snake Eye by Rob Liefeld , economically speaking, it was), IDW Posting pursues boy sober exploitation of the business Gary the gadget guy. . Joe with the new project shaped by nostalgia. A desire to talk to older children, moreover, you believe better and better, since the mini-series H.We. Joe: A True American Leading man Saturday Early morning Journeys sony ericsson will base in the context, the aesthetics and the design of the famous cartoon of the eighties, sober responsible for the sober rise of this sober universe popular licensed phoned toys for the same sober at the time.

By the way, what becomes of Activity Man? Do we have any news?

Writing instruments sober quatre numbers, the new title G.We. Joe takes Erik Burnham on the screen, Dan Schoening to the drawings and Luis Antonio Delgado on the colors, with the idea of ​​paying homage to the absurd spirit of this first version of the figures Hasbro . For the record, A Actual American Main character represents the interesting missing song as a quasi-adaptation of bottom comics on the commission project: the second to promote this new line of toys , Hasbro was associated with the editions Wonder was able to set in motion a series of comics piloted by the scriptwriter Larry Hama ds 1982 was able to build the universe and the scenarios around their characters.

Later, the computer animation department of the company, Marvel Creation , will be hired to carry out the first advertising areas. Their popularity will allow the first mini-series to be started in five episodes, then a long-term toon. Sober sum, the world of Grams.I actually. Joe was therefore built on the base of a comic strip, and feeling for a long time returned the favor to the world of comics by changing the periphery of other franchises accustomed to different types in sequential format.

For the new sober project Burnham and Schoening , the summary is still quite limited – Cobra is preparing to put in sober location an evil program based on an artifact called Aladdin (“like the sober stock market prediction computer used by the awful stock market range Dark Stone to get rich and destroy the world?” but not the friends, this is in real life, we are talking about a magic lamp and a guy who grants wishes a priori) was able to take the Earth by storm, and the Joes would once again be the last bulwark to encounter this new risk of apocalypse. The scriptwriter promises that it will be weird, like the times.

Top number expected for February 1982 with sober covers Megan Huang and Billy Dog pen .