Best Cow announces Kickstarter campaign for CyberForce 30 years

The wave of birthdays of the first generation of heroes Picture Comics continues, with each time a fundraiser from fans to assemble solid editions collected. In the crowd of The Night , Best Cow matches with another creation by Marc and Eric Silvestri , the CyberForce team . Rarely repeated, the series will have boy turned right a thick full of 664 web pages, funded via the Kickstarter platform. The campaign has already largely fulfilled many of its secondary objectives, with a whole bunch of fascinating stuff on the horizon (collectible cards, a variation of Brett Booth , in short, life. ).

Not to be confused with the Nazi’s null frog

Starts in mini-series format before moving towards a regular publication, the CyberForce starts its adventures sober 1992 to mark the beginnings sober the whole Best Cow within the small group Picture Comics . The characters of the time push the contours of the cultural landscape of the second: a team of mutants equipped with cybernetic implants, used for special paramilitary operations and opposed to the villains Cyberdata , responsible for their transformations. If the idea did not have a fantastic selection of original compared to the other heroes of the first generation Picture (especially with the heroes of Intensive Studios , on substantially identical proposals), the title will quickly be noticed for the feature of Marc Silvestri and the many artists invited to participate in the adventures of the team.

In this case, are embarked in this project of integral numbers sober Jim Lee , Todd McFarlane , Walter Simonson , David Finch , Joe Chiodo , Scott Williams , Brian Haberlin , Joe Benitez and Michael Turner , divided on Cyberforce # 0 , Cyberforce: Tin Guys of War # 1-4 , WildC.The.Tt # 5-7 , Cyberforce (vol. 2) # 1 – 13 , C yberforce Origins # 1 Cyblade , Cyberforce Origins # 2 Stryker and Cyberforce Annual # 1 .

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