Scarlett Johansson una manufacturing of a Wonder Studios project (unrelated to Dark Widow)

After the affair of the “trial Dark Widow “, things seem to be well arranged between the actress Scarlett Johansson and Wonder Studios . At such stage that, although boy character of Dark Widow is dead and buried in the MCU , the actress still has things to do in the MCU , but on the creation side.

Natasha una prod ‘

Deadline sony ericsson makes a sober echo about reports by Kevin Feige , the president of a sober cap Marvel Studios . While Scarlett Johansson received the award from United states Cinematheque , Feige split a speech could boast all the skill of the actress and what she had been able to bring the film entity of Wonder , while explaining that she and Wonder Studios were going to collaborate again on the “ project best secret Wonder Studios “which will have no link or relationship with the character she played until d, Natasha Romanoff .

Recalling that Johansson was a first actress to be an executive producer on a Marvel Studios movie (sober the occurrence, Dark Widow ), Feige explained that the actress will be also executive producer of said project, whose character remains totally unknown for the second. Assuming that the actress’ involvement goes beyond the basic credit of a producer, it will be interesting to see what the hell is all about. The announcement of this new partnership seems to indicate that the actress was well after the path of Disney and her exit strategy put Dark Widow , rather than against Wonder Studios and Kevin Feige – the American media had connection that the latter had capital was furious at the circumstance of the t move around the trial. All that remains is to wait to know the details of this distant project.