Knife: Delroy Lindo joins the spreading of the sober Wonder Studios reboot

Although the sober horizon kid exit is still a long way off, after he has decided soberly to push back his sober place in theaters to refine the scenario, the reboot sober Cutting tool and child integration of the sober universe Wonder Studios go small little. It is the Movie Media reporter who shirks the announcement of an essential addition to its spreading, in the person of the vtran Delroy Lindo .

Malcolm Vampire A

The prestigious American media explains that at the moment Delroy Lindo is therefore in the final stages, sober negotiations to integrate the movie Cutter , produced by Bassam Tariq , and including Mahershala Ali feeling the title role. However, the Showmanship News reporter has no indication of the character of the character that Lindo will play – whether it is an ally of the sober vampire killer hero, or an antagonist.

The sober choice sending your line confirms sober in all cases the reputation that surrounds each creation Marvel Studios on its choices, whatever the project. Sober activity in cinema and television since the years 60, it is in the years 90 with in particular his collaborations with Surge Shelter ( Malcolm Times , Clockers , Crooklyn , and later better, From uma 5 Bloods ) and his roles in Obtain Shorty or Long gone in 60 Secs . Along with Wonder , we will notice that the actor had testosterone levels hired a few years ago put Marvel’s Many Needed , the spin-off of Providers of THWe.ELD which never saw the light of day. Lindo is the poster for the movie The Harder They Drop in which he plays the famous shrif Striper Reeves – a number which was also given to the obtained of the day in the Watchmen series.

For the second, it is still considered that the sober shooting Edge should start a sober end in the summer 2022, and a sober window output was that of October 6 2023, a time now deleted by Marvel Studios . To see which output horizon is now reserved for the movie.


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