Gwen Stacy makes herself an X-Men in a series of thematic variations

For some reason that seems to be linked fairly closely to the release of a specific Gwen-verse early next year, the title so certainly also thought to accompany the movie Spider-Man: into the Spider-verse 2 , Wonder will propose a Variant Series Gwen Stacy reimagines in different roles of X-Men . Enough to enjoy just as many new inspirations from cosplays .

X-Gwen represents

Thus, sober parallel of a Gwen-verse who must put sober game dozen sober sober versions Gwen different, out of a Multiverse Marvel more or less justified, it’s sober variant covers about ten sober numbers planned for the sober month of February that you can also find Gwen Stacy sober grime X-Men . On the program, covers of the lover of Philip Parker in Jean Gray , Mystique , Emma Ice , Cyclops , Rogue , Domino , Gambit , Wolverine , Black Phoenix, az , Chief Great britain and Polaris .

All the issues featuring these variant covers will appear during the sober month of February, the covers below giving you direct details of the issues concerned and the artists at work. Collectors will surely want to take a few, and we motivate you in this case not to delay talking about your comicshop favorite.


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