A crossover courtroom between Nightwing and Superman: Kid of Kal-El in February 2022

Very shortly after Wonder unveiled all of its requests for the month of February 2022, DC Comics did the same. Cuando we had already been able to relay the main announcements for the 2nd month of next year ( one-shots for Valentine’s Day and Dark History 30 days, from Committing suicide Team by Cuando Spurrier , Martha Wonder en Shazam or the move of Following Batman ), there are still a few small novelties that deserve to take a few minutes to write a few lines that. Like a crossover courtroom between the two series of Dan Taylor , Nightwing and Superman: Child of Kal-El .

An intra-Tom Taylor crossover

From the sober month of next February, the Australian screenwriter will benefit from being in control of the dedicated series Cock Grayson and Jon Kent to write a crossover courtroom sober two celebrations that will start in Nightwing # 89 before sober sony ericsson continue and aprendí conclude in Superman: Son of Kal-El # 9 in the sober month of March 1000. In writing, Mary Taylor will be accompanied by Bruno Redondo on the artistic part, with colors of Adriano Lucas was able to complete the whole thing.

So, obviously, he has a certain ease for Ben Taylor to orchestrate this crossover since he is in charge of the series concerned, but in the universe DC Comics , the scriptwriter has also already woven the more sober, more sober links between Cock and Jon . Sober indeed, before confiding Locale kid son, Clark Kent went to see Nightwing (in number # 83) could ask him to serve as a child son model, as Cock could do so many other Robins and others sidekicks of Batman over the years.

The team-up who ze user profile So for the beginning of next year the therefore a narrative sense, everything sober normally allowing (this is why we make crossovers sober general ) Each of the sober sony ericsson series pull up sober sober sales terms for the worries numbers. The result will remain to be judged on the spot at the time of the exit. Nightwing # 83 is planned put the 15 February 2022, at the price of 3, 99 $. A main cover of Bruno Redondo can be found below.