Spider-Man No Way Home reportedly rewritten soberly part following Doctor Strange 2 lag

Rewritings are commonplace during every Spider-Man adventure in the movies (or at least, since Spider-Man 3 by Sam Raimi ). But if No Way Home would apparently have had a second coat of paint during the weeks of filming, the explanation would not sum up the usual reworking of script commissioned by the producers. Or not for the reasons you think. In the original plan of Marvel Studios for Phase 4 (if we can still talk about “ Phase “given the number of projects embarked in this time frame), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was originally due out before Spider-Man: No Way Home . The shooting of the second film dedicated to Sorcier Suprme had to be postponed, however, following an acceleration of COVID contamination – 19 London, where Sam Raimi and Cumberbatch had their coffee machines installed.

The third movie Spider-Man was therefore the first to shoot, and align with a new release horizon. Problem, the links between Peter Parker and Stephen Strange , and the more general connection of No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness to parallel realities as planned in a specific order, it will have been necessary to rewrite, in the last minute.

Spider-Man 3.1.

Tom Holland recently touched on this particular situation in an interview with the magazine GQ . According to the little guy, important plot factors would have had to be corrected at the last minute to work on the idea that No Way Home had taken place before Multiverse of Madness – the third act of the film would have been particularly affected, almost decided in the middle of filming by the production team.

“If you asked the director ‘what’s going on last night?’, He would say ‘myself, I’m still trying to find out’.”

It is not impossible that Holland , in the midst of a promotional campaign, is trying to oversell a catastrophic situation which would make it possible to review the increase in the last result in view of this possible production ordeal (“oh yes, Overton’s window” no, broom, broom, get the hell out of it). But on paper, the essential gadget of Jon Watts’ film – namely the multiverse, and the recognition of parallel realities on the outskirts of the common core of the main continuity – had to be addressed in order to first time at the movies in Doctor Strange 2 , after being voiced in Loki and featured in What If .. .? , but never yet in the feature film saga.

Holland talks about written scenes sometimes of the day for the next day, and some stars with difficulty motivated: the dcal package filming agenda with many pandemic waves would have posed a problem for several actresses and actors of the Spider-Man team, who did not ‘had not had time to sign their contract to participate in this third episode.

Conversely, Michael Waldron , screenwriter of Doctor Strange 2 and creator of the series Loki , had explained that the delay imposed on the return of the Sorcerer Supreme would have allowed the crew to polish the script and make the film “even scarier”. Paradoxically, this statement comes on top of the recent announcement of a heavy additional filming phase, with six six-day weeks on the agenda. For the super-hero cinema, the announcement of reshoots inevitably evokes a defined and normal liability of filthy filth imposed on directors , or last minute fixes to fit a project into a standard blockbuster box. But in the case of Doctor Strange 2 , this problem links the COVID agenda, to the planning of the actors, and a script longer than expected would perhaps allow these shots to be contextualized. additional – especially if this also needs to align with Spider-Man 3 and the fixes made by Jon Watts being filming.

Spider-Man: No Method Home is expected on 15 December 2021.

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