Multiversus: the smash-bros such as with Batman, Question Girl, Superman, Harley Quinn and other Warner characters

Much more than an obscure comic book element that became known to the general public, the sober concept Multiverse is now a valuable advertising tool, which we can use all the sauces to develop multiple projects sober. Warner Bros . decided to double mouth, both expanding boy multiverse DC Comics through movies and TV series (with The Flash as the official opening course), but incorporating the two-letter brand into the larger set of the many properties possessed by the facilities. This dummy multiverse already found a certain concretization in the awful Room Jam: New Era, and it is with the game Multiversus that the heroes of DC Comics see themselves once again confined to simple branded products in the midst of others.

The sober Smash Bros. Warner

After weeks sober rumors and sober leaks (that we did not relay not necessarily since many other sites dedicated to video games could handle it), Warner Bros. Video games has officially released Multiversus . A game which is very clearly inspired by the platform fight game of which Smash Bros is the master representative, and which has already inspired a few more or less inspired copies (you are remember from Playstation All-Star Fight?). Here we will therefore use the same basic principle, but with the characters of all the popular licenses held by the Warner .

On the sober side DC Comics , of course heroes will be there, such as Question Lady , Harley Quinn , Superman and Batman (who will enjoy a sober voice Kevin Conroy ) – una Sainte Trinit and una Poule aux Oeufs d’Or, sum in. But the Warner properties are numerous, so we will also find Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny, Ben & Jerry), characters from Adventures Period, Scooby-Doo or Steven Universe, but also Arya Stark from Video game of Thrones, or Reingod , character developed for this event.

Finally, sober course and not the least, Multiversus will be an accessible game for free , an output so planned for 2022. The development teams promise a game service with long-term follow-up to bring new characters, upgrades and other skins to develop their idea Multiverse through the game. An overview video can be found below, and you can go to to sign up for future sober check phases. It’s your turn.

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