For Black History Month 2022, DC and Marvel are each offering their one-shot

Comics have always shown themselves on the front lines of societal advances, and sometimes even at the forefront on certain themes. Over the past decade, as the main publishing houses came more and more under the yoke of the gigantic studios that oversee them, some questions were put on the back for fear of not offending part of the readership more or less. conservative. In recent years, however, as creatives and editorial staff become more proactive, governing bodies have succeeded in turning these desires for progressivism into sources of income, with one- shots in the form of an anthology.

On the one hand Marvel and its multiple variations Marvel Voices , and on the other DC Comics which operates on the same model (with different names, from DC Pride at Festival of Heroes ). In 2022, the Big Two will not change their way of doing things by February, which is in the United States on Black History Month , established to commemorate the African diaspora for years’ 70, and which is used by publishers to highlight both black-American, Afro-descendant or African characters and creative teams. Each of the two editors has let it be known what will be their one-shot for the 1000 edition of the Black History Month. If Marvel doesn’t budge its formula one iota, DC Comics shows with a hint of creativity rather well seen.

BHM 1000

On the side of Marvel therefore, we are proposing a Marvel’s Voices: Legacy # 1 (exactly the same name as last year) to highlight Black American characters and creatives working for the publisher. The anthology is based on the podcast Marvel’s Voices which gives voice to marginalized creatives, and 2022 will therefore see new issues being published throughout the year (with the Indigenous / Heritage , Pride , Identity , and Comuninades expected). For Marvel’s Voices: Legacy # 1 version 1000, are expected Victor LaValle for a story of Moon Girl , Natasha Bustos will be entitled to a story set at Wakanda , Cody Ziglar will write a review about Luke Cage , J. Holtham on Sam Wilson en Captain America and Maria Frolich for a story whose details are not known. Not all participating artists are listed either, but a signed ChrisChross cover has been unveiled. Release of the number scheduled for 16 February 2022, presumably for 9, 99 $ (this is where good intentions find their limits).

On the side of DC Comics , as we wrote earlier, there will be a change of formula this year since the two-letter editor will highlight the Milestone Media part of its catalog. The proposed one-shot is called Milestones in History and will mix the characters of this universe with historical characters . The stories of Hannibal, Alexandre Dumas or Eugene Barron will be told from the point of view of heroes like Static , Icon , Rocket , Hardware or others. A pretty good way to continue to highlight the Milestone universe, which DC Comics has been working on continuously for over a year. , while multimedia projects in this branch are also in active development. Currently announced are Reginald Hudlin , Alice Randall , Touré or Michael Harriot are listed, and in a fun way, ChrisChross also takes care of the cover. A variant signed Doug Braithwaite is also on the program. Also count there 9, 96 $ for this one-shot of 96 pages, which will be released on 15 February (since DC releases its comics on Tuesday now).


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