DC to celebrate love and Valentine's Day once again with Weird Like Tales one-shot

A great modern thinker wrote not so long ago that loving is most beautiful. That it is so high and that you can touch the wings of a bird. DC Comics is clearly of this philosophy, offering for several years in February issues designed to celebrate love, in keeping with the feast of Valentine’s Day sober. The year 2022 will not override the rule, with the one-shot Weird Like Tales just announced by the editor two letters.

And burn it heart of a volcano

A good after having announced Like is the Battlefield for Valentine’s Day 2021, so it will be the turn of Weird Like Tales # 1 to celebrate Love with a capital A, but in a twisted way in the landscape of DC Comics . Yanick Paquette takes care of staging Harley Quinn on the cover of the number, and the one-shot will, as usual, be broken down into a dozen stories shaped by just as many different creative teams. On the program, Peacemaker and his eagle Eagly , love stories Dinosaur Island , and a first meeting between two characters whose DC was the identity for the moment. Sober sum, small treats and the hope of some good stories or love and humor will mingle, all for the pretty price of 9, $. Yep.

On the side of the creative teams, are announced Ram V , Devin Grayson , Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing , Stephanie Phillips , Rex Ogle , Rich Douek and others for the writing, while the artists lists at the moment are Geraldo Borges , Christian Duce , Phil Hester , Ande Parks , Jon Sommariva and Roger Robinson . Usually, DC Comics reveals full creative team details and stories a few weeks before the issue’s release. Weird Like Tales # 1 is due out February 8 2021 and may be a freebie Valentine’s Day for you?


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