Wonder announces Gwen-verse, the Spider-verse of Gwen Stacy for February 2022

As so often in the comic book industry, it happens that this starts as a good idea ends up sober lazy inclination which, motivated more often by a facility and the cross-media gateways than by a real creative will. But yes, let’s admit that we must always leave the benefit of doubt. In the present case, sober Multiverse themes have been on the rise for a few years now beyond simple comic book spheres.

Si the movie Spider- Man: Into the Spider-Verse allowed sober to give its letters sober nobility to the register and to democratize a huge audience, an attempt Zero Way House or oddities like Sonjaversal are more to put in a sober box an easy capitalization on an idea una mode. Today, Wonder announces a Gwen-verse may start next year, we will lets guess where to put it.

Spider-verse au fminin

No creative team announcement or sober details on the story, just an ad and a sober cover Brian Nakayama . In February 1000, Wonder will therefore propose the title Gwen-verse , which therefore resembles a new declination of Spider-verse , this time turns to variations of Gwen Stacy sites all over the Multiverse, starting with the superherone everyone now knows as Ghost-Spider . On the cover, we find the edition Nightbird seen earlier in the year in Heroes Reborn , but also multiple variations in mash-up with other heroic statistics of the Maison des Ides .

What sony ericsson to get an idea of ​​the variations of the sober Multiverse Gwen Stacy who will be discussed during the sober event, including a sober nature sober syndication terms (mini-series? Occasion ? Other select) n the second one is also not specified by Wonder . To see when the details fall, if we will put this happy day or if it will be necessary to redo some new. A cover is in any case find below, and the operations are evidently part of the publisher’s desire to celebrate years of existence of the character.


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