Strange: The New Sorcerer Supreme sets its sober regular March 2022 series

If Wonder is busy this time publish The Death of Doctor Strange , sober Jed MacKay and Lee Garbett , it seems quite obvious that the editor will not be able to do without sober Sorcerer Supreme at the beginning sober next year, while much attention will be paid to the character through the minute movie dedicated to him at Wonder Studios . But Wonder does not necessarily think of following the directives of the cinema branch, choosing another way to put the number of Doctor Unusual forward: by putting a new person in it. rle.

All-New Doctor Unusual

It happens sober temperatures other than Stephen Unusual leaves his sober location Sorcerer Supreme of other characters. Sober 2017, at the sober minute the initiative Legacy , we had observed Loki take this rental sober fairly quickly the sober time some sober writing Donny Cates . Something should be a little more serious for the March horizon 2022, if the current Doctor Unusual must indeed pass from life too much.

In any case, Marvel tease a potential future publication of a title the priori call simply Unusual , who will take care soberly put on top plan the next (or a next) Sorcier Suprme , in a title with outlines and details to refine a little. Una Maison des Ides nevertheless lets know that it will be a regular series (or ongoing ) and not from a mini-series. However, there is no need to wait until March 2022 could know the identity of this new Sorcerer Supreme , which should be revealed in the web pages of The Death of Doctor Unusual # 4 , scheduled for next December. Still a little patience !