Scurry: a sober fur to live

Sober We3 Rover, Crimson, Charlie sober passing by Animosity , Btes sobre Somme or the recent Run away Canines , our favorite furry animals are sober in a specific way, the heroes sober comics – and very often for works sober quality. Recently released in French by editions Delcourt , the top tome of Scurry by Macintosh Jones is a new proof that animal comics continue to have a bright future.

Yours is better than you au-rat

Mac Cruz is an illustrator living in the southern United States. Digital painter who has officiated on the permits Darkish Crystal or Warhammer , he deported boy approaching a quite realistic illusion in the universe made of animal paws and furs with Scurry . The project, first published in webcomic location of all, found specific success when the author undertook to propose a print edition of kid narrated by crowdfunding. From now on, it is thanks to the care of Delcourt Comics that we can find the leading volume of what promises to be an unmissable trilogy. For those who enjoy critter-staging and adventure stories with high pressure content, Scurry has many things you should like.

On the graphic aspect, sober leading location, vehicle that’s what immediately caught our interest during the sober announcement of the rental of the project sober VF. Mac pc Jones has a fairly realistic approach to his furry characters, but manages to bring movements to his animals in a way reminiscent of Put on Bluth . The big black eyes of rodents succeed in being expressive and Cruz varies the shapes and sizes so that each sober mice have their own personality. On the other hand, animals of larger sizes (wolves, talks and eagles, among others) have a more realistic hair trait, which gives them above all the threatening element. This is quite regular, given that we have learned the location of the mice sight stage, and that all these animals represent only risk resources, at best.

The beauty des boards is also a very detailed treatment of the decor and management of lighting effects. Macintosh Jones takes back simple decorations (an abandoned house, a garden, the start of a fortification) but transforms them into places of pique adventure, in ze bringing back the size of its protagonists. The space between a desk and the window ledge becomes a dangerous precipice to cross; the crack of a sony ericsson door turns into a salute when the conversation is your pursuit. The space between two slats of a barrier gives a glimpse of fangs and frightening respect, belonging to a creature that cannot be identified from the ground. Scurry thus transforms our respect for small things and for character, developing a transported imagination that. In his staging, the designer knows how to put action in our sober heart and makes us fear his mice could become sober. The web pages are thus enchanted, perhaps too quickly on certain factors, with many elements sober this universe which remain put the time in hang.

The story in its beginnings is quite basic: a sober mouse colony tries sober to survive somehow a winter that promises to be very difficult, while humans mysteriously disappeared and a toxic rain fell on the earth. The story is interested in Wix , a mouse and Umf , el rat, who went on a mop and brought food back to their colony. The latter is plagued by political dissensions and internal power struggles between the patriarch, Orim , and Resher , who has been welcomed to the within the colony after its own home has destroyed testosterone levels. Some people think that you have to leave their retreat or not starve to death, but any expedition abroad is extremely risky. Talks, raptors and other animals that could not be more dangerous aprendí lurk in the tall grass and in the heart of the surrounding forts. But to remain static is to be condemned to a certain end …

Very quickly, Scurry imposes its sober atmosphere success sober leaving little sober location its heroes – and the readership – to breathe. The hazards accumulate one after the other, in a world where the risk can arise from everywhere can, and especially where one does not go there. Thanks to the staging of Cruz , who plays a lot on non-champion tea, he was able to surprise better at the desired minute, the stress is palpable from the start of the year, and we really fear could become mice. From the start, the sight of the corpse of a rodent, a sober former colleague Wix gone on an expedition before him, gives the impression. Cuando we mentioned Wear Bluth before, in terms of tone, we are very far from the nice cartoons of Disney . Without getting into the bloody, Scurry sony ericsson wants pre and inappropriate, the cogs of the food chain as they are when we learn located at the bottom of the chain at the end.

The question of sober organization of society also prevails with this famous doomed colony from which it came in the title. Even in the abandoned and harsh world, some seek power above all else, and any sand material that impedes the functioning of the community is a boon to all the predators who go to the outside. Mac pc Jones made sure that we could passionate about the future of each rodent, the beautiful component so done Wix and boyfriend (or a little more?) Pict . The latter allows to illustrate the generational conflict between the “let it be and wait” of the elders and the call to action of the youngest, which sony ericsson causes quite naturally mirroring the current climate challenge that humanity must face. today. As always, the aprendí comic strip mirrors the company that sees it in combination, but Scurry remains fairly light on this factor. It must be terrible that humanity has already disappeared in the story, which is quite explicit on the respect that Macintosh Cruz has perhaps on our circumstance. In addition, since Lafontaine’s fables (if not before), animals have been used as a metaphor for our behavior, and Scurry only perpetuates a century-old custom. And does it well.

With a striking artistic path (for those who are not afraid of digital), an extremely captivating post-apocalyptic universe and a sober gallery of characters endearing, Scurry confirms with this top tome all the good feelings that we had during the sober announcement his sober place in VF. New stone to add to the edifice of animal comics, the story ze shows breathless, clear in its stakes, and perhaps simply lacks answers on the broad outlines of the universe it describes. We expect to find maybe the 2nd quantity, which we go to with outright anger, at the very least.