Publisher TKO signs essential contract with New Regency (The Revenant) to adapt its television series comics

When the announcement of boy is coming to an end 2018, the independent editor TKO Broadcasters was puzzling several ways. There was on one side its syndication policy, think against the “ business waiting around” (the fact of waiting for the release of a collection rather than read comicbook in one problem monthly format), with the possibility of recovering each title in record (TPB) or in the box containing all the numbers in solitary concern .

Other component, the fact that all the titles at the start were only mini-series, without continuous in the program (since then, we have also found short stories in the format TKO Pants ). Finally, the name of Tze Chun , scriptwriter and television producer, the head of the publishing house, also left a tip to the fact that TKO would bet big on the adaptation potential of his comics. They would be fine, everything was obviously in this sense.

TKO sober path for notches

The Artist News reporter has soberly made part of an important announcement for TKO Dojos , which the indication an exclusive (and important) contract with New Regency , the facility which we owe movies such as The Revenant, Strong Drinking water or the next Robert Eggers, The Northman; they are also counted on the small screen side of The Animal Have to Die series. The contract will allow Regency to draw exclusively from the catalog of titles TKO could make Television series, with Tze Chun and Salvatore Simeone (the 2nd creator of TKO ) involved each time on the creation and the development of said series.

Something to hope for different types of series sober some excellent titles such as Goodnight Heaven sober Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli , Sara sober Garth Ennis and Steve Epting , Sentient sober Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta , but also the Brigands and Dragons sober Sebastian Girner and Galaad , or the Djeliya sober Juni Ba . Technically, New Regency has therefore put the emphasis on a good resource of IPs, to see what the business decides to do with it and the quality of the products last. Sober France, several of the publisher’s titles can be found at Panini Comics .

As we also report that the recent sober publishing houses ind ‘(and not necessarily sober originator possessed , because we know sober supply sure that at TKO , the creatives do not hold everything on their productions, but are very well will pay) sony ericsson often creates with people sober television or the cinema in their head, after laying a report from other editors. We expect AWA or Bad Idea , which have this same configuration (with Bill Jemas / Axel Alson on one side and Dinesh Shamdasani / Warren Simons on the other), end up signing these same kinds of deals . Case follow.


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