Panini announces Morbius and Spider-Man: Sober Deluxe Hellish Descent for January 2022

The sober Panini announcements continue for the beginning of next year. In January, the European character editor of Wonder adds in the Deluxe selection the titles Morbius ( Joe Keatinge , Richard Elson , Valentine De Landro ) and Spider-Man: Descent into Hell ( Gerry Conway , Carlo Barberi ). The third quantity of Runaways ( Brian E. Vaughan , Adrian Alphona , Takeshi Miyazawa ) is also on the program for the top month of the new year.

Spider-Pan ‘

This influx of sober titles Spider-Man is certainly explained by the current cost of the character on the sober cinma screens, with a release very close to the movie Zero Way House sober Marvel Studios , then the sober one Morbius at the end of January. In this sober shot window, the editor must therefore fill the shelves, although Panini never needed a reason to publish Spider-Man as a rule.

Morbius (or “ Morbius: The Living Vampire “) is expected for the January 2022 at the sober price 30 euros for 232 web pages. The tome will take over the number Incredible Spider-Man # 304. 1 co- written by Joe Keatinge and Dan Slott , and which served as the introduction to the maxi-series Morbius: The Existing Vampire from 2005, whose numbers will be included in the new package. Enough to make a full story about the character.

At the same time, and a little less thick, Spider-Man: Descent into Hell (or Spiral sober VO) will be sober boy and offered at the sober price 18 for a sober overall 120 webpages. The album has the numbers # 12. 1 – 20. 1 of the series Amazing Spider-Man of 2014, or an arc sign Gerry Conway (Una Mort de Gwen Stacy) which ran parallel to the main numbers, signs Dan Slott . The story saw Spidey teaming up with law enforcement captain Yuri Watanabe was able to end a gang war in New York, while also finding a new ally in the character of Wraith .

Finally, the third quantity of Runaways (“ Parental Support “), always the 12 January, will be sold 32 euros for 232 web pages . It is about finding Brian T. Vaughan in the script, as well as Adrian Alphona and Takeshi Miyazawa on the artistic part. The album includes numbers # 7 – 16 from the series of 2005, with a meeting with Cloak & Dagger and the formation of a new version of the Cercle , will hurt the young fugitives who. Sober what to remember what made all the potent force of this series a few years ago.

DELUXE Information! In addition to D’ESCADRON SUPREME, three other DELUXE in January with:

All the MORBIUS series sober the era Wonder Today! (Keatinge, Elson & De Landro)

Una fable SPIDER-MAN: DESCENT INTO HELL by Conway & Barberi

Volume 3 of RUNAWAYS de Vaughan, Alphona & Miyazawa kYaLiv

Panini Comics France (@paninicomicsfra) The fall of 16, 2021

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