Molly Ostertag is back and a Franco-Belgian album for Kinaye in early 2022

The editors of comics in France continue, trip visited, to do half of their novelties for the beginning of next year. Specialized in youth publications, the Kinaye editions led by Romain Galand will bring back, could start 2022, an author has already proven herself in their house who, as well as a CD that will join this wave of experimentation on the format, could offer comics differently in our bookstores .

Sweetness and Franco-Belgian

In the sober month of January 2022, the editions Kinaye will offer La Fille sobre una Mer , a new sober creation Molly Ostertag , the sober author of a trilogy of Garon Sorcire already published by the publisher (and sober way of sober movie adaptation on Netflix ), and which we also spoke about recently via boy integration into the sober professional program una platform Substack . This is a story of love and friendship that talks about themes the author is used to, especially on questions of sexuality. Morgan is a fifteen year old teenage girl who dreams of leaving the island on which she lives, far from her more or less happy family, and her friends, have a hard time understanding who homosexuality kid. El day, she is saved from drowning by a mysterious other girl, Keltie , and their budding love affair is then disrupted by the many techniques of each. El lp of 90 web pages provided on 19 January 2022 at the price of , 21.

Next, it is directly in the sober month of March 2022 that we spend with a sober coming La Fe and a Jardinire , sober Rii Abrego and Joe Whitt . The title a testosterone levels published on the other side of the Atlantic at Oni Push and takes us to the universe where the fairies have spent centuries in the cost of plants and gardens. Their powers have been damaged by the arrival of humans, and the story made Wisteria , a fairy who tries to understand what happened to the people who, and will rediscover their abilities. take care of the plant world. El narrated interface by environmentalists themes, and intended for all ages. Above all, it will be the leading recording at Kinaye to get out of the flexible format could go ogle from the fantastic format cardboard side, Franco-Belgian way.

So this is sober what to start at the sober start of the year, knowing that we will come back to a sober sequel to the anthology Punch! which will also do boy will be back next year – but that will be the subject of a happy hour soon. The covers of the two collections mentioned today are found below.