Marvel also announces What If …? Miles Morales because recycling is good for the plant

Because Marvel has decided to take the title of the Saga of the Clones very seriously, the concepts of copy and paste are multiplying within the Spider-Man family projects. First with Gwen-Verse , an imitation of the principle of Spider-Verse applied to the character of Gwen Stacy , but also with What If …? : Miles Morales , nime relaunch of the hypothetical anthology and its famous assumptions of parallel universes. Except that Miles should be the only featured character, in different configurations.

“What If We Had New Ideas? ” (Nick Lowe, 2021)

Recently adapted as an animation series on the platform Disney + , the concept of What If …? is based on the same principle since the first review published under this name in 1977. Namely, imagine what would have happened if a small parameter had been moved in the traditional canon: what if Karen Page had survived, what if Flash Thompson had been bitten by the radioactive spider, etc, etc. A concept in the form of a playground for screenwriters, evokes the iconic parallel worlds of superhero comics which, but on a smaller scale, with adventures confined to a single number.

In What If …? : Miles Morales , the method is even more squared, since the Maison des Ides will focus exclusively on the character of Miles Morales , a little man sandwich from the heroes principle heirs. The series should explore what would have happened if Miles , rather than becoming the successor to Spider-Man , had been mentored by ‘other characters from Marvel . Starting with Captain America in a story Cody Ziglar and Paco Medina announced for February 2022. Other numbers will follow, with Wolverine , Thor or Hulk . In short, mutant gene or gamma rays, the guy can now be vigilant like any other, which is rather ironic for a character who has just come out of his own Saga of the Clone (“you already made the joke at the beginning of the article” yeah so what? We also have the right to recycle, #COP ).

On paper, the idea may sound funny, although the original idea by Brian M. Bendis to consider that Spider-Man had an interest as an inspiration to young people from working-class neighborhoods, as a vigilante broke in, close to the people and the poor populations of New York, is immediately reduced to nothing . Instead, Miles Morales would therefore become a kind of very interchangeable geek, fan of almost all active superheroes, whether they come from Scandinavian mythology. , mutanity or secret experiments carried out by the American government to win wars in Europe. If anyone gets in touch with Nick Lowe’s accountant, we’d be pretty ready to find the museum behind all these high-flying editorial initiatives.

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