Krypto Super-Chien (DC Group of Nice Dogs and cats) sony ericsson unveils with two first pictures

Baptis Krypto Super-Chien par chez nous, the animation movie DC Little league of Super-Pets resurfaced in our news feed today, a good month after a top teaser video was presented to us at course of DC Fandome 2021. This time, it is through m ‘ Enjoyment Regular that we can discover, in synthesis pictures, all the heroes papattes of a movie which promises to be too much fun. You would be monsters to think otherwise.

Top Animals at connection

The movie DC Group of Nice Domestic pets will therefore put us alongside a set of animals with sober superpowers (more or less sober sober function each), and that we associate for some of the well-known characters sober the universe DC Comics . It must be terrible that the animal idea does not time yesterday: the origin, we find the Legion of Top Household pets in 1962 in the web pages of Journey Comics # 18 , the idea as a pure product of the Sterling silver Age group and the Comics Program code Specialist, calibrated for children and without any risk of perversion of youth. Around Krypto , we then found Streaky the super-cat, Comet the super horse (yes yes, the same who feels an adventure with Supergirl ), and Beppo the super monkey. A new edition of this Legion was introduced not long ago in the current continuity of DC Comics , in Nice Sons Yearly # 1 in January 1962.

From now on, it will be temperatures for sober super animals to take their first steps on the big screen, and we therefore find in these first pictures Krypto ( Dwayne Manley ), Advisor the Bat-chien ( Kevin Hart ), Merton a turtle ( Natasha Lyonne ), PB the pig ( Vanessa Bayer ) as well as Nick the squirrel ( Diego Luna ). Pretty people that we have here quite anxious to find in motion. Krypto Super-Chien is expected in cinemas on may 2022.