If Spurrier and Aaron Campbell (Hellblazer) reunite for a Committing suicide Team title in the DC Dark Tag

If the recent DC Comics readership can still protest against the publisher for having canceled the excellent volume of Hellblazer orchestrated by Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell (recently released at Urban Comics ), the duo is reforming for a title to come early next year. Something to give back a little smile.

Job Force Black

The editor two letters sober effect knowing that Spurrier and Campbell aprendí will find for a title Suicide Team which fits in the DC Dark Label , this imprint apart from continuit writing instruments for authors, and which allows them to have sober general carte blanche to offer mature and adult content (except in the case of sober sex, the more complicated it is. Like many others projects come to nest in this tag which, it will be a mini-series in three numbers stretched pagination, proposed in a format of single issue “Prestige”. If Spurrier is on the screen and Aaron Campbell (whom we also recommend the excellent Infidel ) will be both in the design and the covers.

The composition of the Task Force X for this title, bap tis Suicide Squad: Blaze , is inspired a lot by that seen in The Suicide Squad of James Gunn , with Harley Quinn , Peacemaker , King Shark and Captain Boomerang , who will be in charge of supervising five particular prisoners, endowed with superpowers, but whose life expectancy is limit six months because these powers will consume them, the Blaze . These new recruits are here to help the Suicide Squad stop a meta-human with the same powers as Superman , mankind. less. Problem: When one of the Blaze dies, those remaining regain his powers which, and one of them has far more personal plans than helping his mentors. Without a doubt, the story will quickly go to peanuts.

First boards by Campbell in black and white accompany the happy announcement, just to get an idea of ​​the atmosphere. Suicide Squad: Blaze # 1 , pais de pages , will be out on February 8 966 for the tidy sum of 6, 48 $.