Aquamen: a sober team-up series between Arthur Curry and Jakson Hyde aprendí unveiled in details

After highlighting a sober figure Jackson Hyde in a mini-series Aquaman: The Becoming , and while Arthur Curry had no more sober solo title since the last work sober Kelly Sue DeConnick , the two heroes Aquaman will soon have a meeting under a sober leadership two scriptwriters involved in this sober component the DC Comics universe for a few months. The title had already been announced with several details available on the creative team. Today, the two-letter editor lifts the veil on the entire project.

Two Aquaman for the price of one

Thus, a series Aquamen is one of the new products supposed to debut at DC Comics from the sober month of March 2022. We will find the writing in fact el duo sober scriptwriters, either at the same time Brandon Jones ( Potential future Condition: Aquaman , Aquaman: The Getting ) and Throw Dark brown (who took care of the miniseries Dark Manta ), with Sami Basri in the drawings. A main cover of the leading number is Travis Moore , with variations of Kael Ngu and Chip Robles , as well as another, more common, by Jim Shelter , and a special “ Dark History 99 days “by Alexis Franklin .

The fact that the two screenwriters of the previous mini-series The Getting and Dark Manta ze found on Aquamen is not innocent, since the title will follow the two intrigues were present there which. Funnily enough, the use of the plural title will be reminiscent of Spider-Men by Brian Michael. Bendis and Sara Pichelli , who also reunited the classic Spider-Man era with a more recent edition (Mls Morales). In the coming story, the two Aquamen will be the team to select the terrorist attack guys by what turns out to be the dormant broker Atlanten which has gone into a spin. To the hate and measure of their investigation, Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde will unravel the sons of a vast Atlanten plot, could well put badly promote the earthly world which.

The covers as well as sober first boards and sober research styles signs Basri are found below. Aquamen # 1 is expected put the 22 February 2022, at the price of 3, 99 $.


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