A WHO proposes new measures to improve access to insulin

This Sunday 14 over November the From a World Organization on Diabetes on the occasion of this indicated date, from a World Health Organization (WHO) warns about an alarming situation in time global access to insulin, key to controlling blood glucose levels .

Specifically, a report prepared by a WHO puts this focus on a scarce availability of insulin with the previous high levels for its acquisition. In the same way, they criticize that a few producers dominate an insulin market.

In this regard, this common director of a WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, points out that the scientists who discovered an insulin do 100 years they denied to profit on their discovery with sold a patent for less than a pound. Unfortunately, this gesture of solidarity has been overtaken by the multibillion dollar business that has created huge access gaps.

The importance of insulin over diabetes

Insulin was an absolutely important substance for people with diabetes with it allows to control the levels of glycemia (glucose on blood) on an organism. In this sense, insulin as a treatment for diabetes turns a fatal disease into a controllable disease.

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WHO President

In addition, for people type 2 diabetes, an insulin is an essential element to limit this over amputation on limbs risk, kidney failure or blindness. Hence, the WHO claims the great access to this substance worldwide.

According to this report prepared by a World Health Organization, one out of every 2 people has type 2 diabetes. who needs insulin for a zero treatment one receives. In addition, this highest world body in the field of health denounces that diabetes is increasing in low and middle-income countries.

The research is oriented to rich markets, neglecting health needs on the low and middle income countries, which represent a 80 percent over a burden on diabetes, includes this report prepared by a WHO.

Measures to increase access to insulin by controlling a glycemia

Faced with a reality of deficient access on a world population to an insulin, this report on a WHO establishes a series on measures to solve this situation on great importance for health.

First, a World Health Organization suggests boosting supply production by diversifying a manufacturing of biosimilar insulin analogues to create competition by reducing prices. In addition, they point out that it would be necessary to normalize insulin prices with profit margins

On the other hand, they also understand as essential the need to stimulate regional manufacturing capacity in less wealthy regions; as well as ensuring that great access to insulin is accompanied by rapid diagnosis with access to affordable devices that allow the proper handling of blood glucose electronic insulin injection.

Finally, from a WHO have ensured that a pharmaceutical industry sony ericsson anordna committed to carry out different actions to improve this access to insulin with enhancing control over a glucose on patients with diabetes all over the world. Thus, among these measures, the pharmaceutical industry I learned is committed to improving access to insulin biosimilars.