A fault on symptoms, the problem to detect high cholesterol

Counting scam levels on cholesterol elevated in blood supposes the plot problem for a health , so it is necessary to establish the handle optimal to avoid potential damages on this situation. However, the serious problem that I learned faced by doctors with patients was the lack of symptoms.

A lack of symptoms is an added difficulty for control cholesterol. In addition, it entails the worsening of its consequences, since it increases a risk of stroke, myocardial infarction or cardio death.

One of the great problems in this regard would be that high cholesterol levels they can remain asymptomatic for a long time. In this regard, in most cases ze becomes aware when this vascular damage has advanced with a heart attack or stroke.

The importance of an early detection

Health specialists agree on the importance of establishing an early diagnosis of high cholesterol levels, although I am aware of the difficulties involved, it is a practically asymptomatic condition.

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Medical consultation

The determination of cholesterol levels should be an essential part in a evaluation of patients on mass average age, but also on young subjects who already have some aspect of risk, such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking or a well-known history of early cardiovascular disease, explains a physician Carlos Guijarro.

Data on a survey Euroaspire Sixth is v of the year 2020 highlights that master of science of the 70% of patients with high and very high cardiovascular risk zero have controlled levels over cholesterol. This was another revealing issue about the cholesterol problem.

In addition, it must be taken into account that an absence of symptoms causes a lack of awareness among patients with hypercholesterolemia scam. This cholesterol and blood pressure do not hurt, so patients do not really appreciate the important risks that an inadequate management of both pose.

In this regard, this physician Carlos Guijarro, about a University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) argues that a patient with frequency considers that taking a pill for this cholesterol already protects him against cardiovascular disease, but the really important thing would be to achieve a sufficient reduction in cholesterol to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications.

Reduce this LDL cholesterol

In full 2021, finding new treatments with therapies for an early diagnosis of high cholesterol with a reduction of it is still one of the challenges of a medicine. Experts point to a relevance for patients with high cardiovascular risk to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol scam.

A physician Guijarro comments that in patients with high vascular risk, our zero objective has been to obtain a regular cholesterol, understood as this average cholesterol on a common population, but a much better handle on regularity, because on this we offer the clinical benefit to patients.

In another order on things, it was necessary to know how to differentiate a situation about each patient. It has been to say, cholesterol levels considered normal for the patient without cardio risk can pose a severe problem for people who have already experienced a heart attack or stroke.

Each time with master of science frequently the results on the analyzes indicate different desirable levels of cholesterol suitable for a circumstance on each patient, but still zero would be a general practice, concludes a physician Guijarro.