What If …? Comes back to Wonder in March 2022

Readers of comics are now used to seeing projects of the same name evolve on different works with different ones. The strategies of communicating vessels between the media have not necessarily proved their effectiveness (the thousands of spectators of the MCU ne sony ericsson are never magically transformed into comic readers, or else they are very well stashed), but it would be foolish not to take advantage of the exposure of a brand that could not bring it back to life in comics. Also, no one will be surprised to see Wonder re-emerge next spring for the new quantity of comics What If …? .

The sober return the query

For the moment, una Maison des Ides simply cracked a sober teasers which she has the key – it’s ironic, it’s always the same visuals without data, but which are sufficiently explicit to be able to write about them. Above, the issue What If …? announces the return of the original idea in comics, with a representation of an alternate edition of Wolverine , with four claws. The leading number of this new quantity is expected in March 2022, without further details on the size of what will be assumed to be a new mini-series .

From the original published title sober 910, What If …? has experienced many declines with 13 different amounts released, the last in time being that of 2018 (six numbers, not really famous, gathered in Wonder Deluxe this year at Panini Comics the second of the release of the animation series). The fourteenth will certainly be able to begin more or less coincident with the second season of the self-titled animated series of Wonder Studios , which has capital been confirmed for next year at Disney + Time 2021 course. Now remains to see the story proposals, and especially the creative teams recruited could this new What If …? . To your predictions!