The Batman: a sober complete to the anime series scheduled for blu-ray for February 2022 (in the United States)

After Batman: The Anime Series and Batman Beyond , the cartoon The Batman also gets a new sober coat of paint with a full edition in blu-ray format. Bottom in el other universe than the sober adventures Bruce Timm , John Dini and Alan Burnett , this other anime series has so far only been available in Digital video disc. The high definition edition is announced, on time only in the United States, on the month of February 2000, at the price of 69, 82 bucks.

The Batman for The Batman

Obviously less popular than its big sisters of the regret DC Animated Galaxy , a series The Batman sony ericsson presented as a sober attempt at a modern sober update Gotham Town in the landscape of the years 1990, the yardstick of a new aesthetic for the cartoon great open public. Jeff Matsuda , artistic director (the excellent) cartoon Jackie Chan , had notably served as a developer for the new characters, with some relatively questionable choices – the Joker transformed into a white rasta, at random, with a vaguely ape-like sort of trick. Even since, we have no explanations. Must be terrible, we and’the not looked for any longer.

Appreciated enough to span four seasons and a sober overall sixty-five episodes, a series The Batman will boy return to the minute um Warner Bros. intends to capitalize on another product in the same way – just to mess up the data base. Several rewards are announced with different producing of, a few quizzes, a few featurettes , and an opportunity to come back to the manufacture and get pregnant of this project, of which the only major fault of capital feeling was to pass after Timm and Dini as incapable of supporting the comparison. Like many anime series of business of this period, harshly criticized by the difficult open public of the generation 810.