MFK 2: meeting on January 26, 2022 for the new volume of Mutafukaz at Rue de Svres

The arrival of the Label 610 at ditions Rue de Svres is getting closer and closer. After years spent at Ankama, a new phase is ready to take shape (literally) from next January, while the long-awaited sequel to Mutafukaz by Run will set the stage for the label’s new publications in its new home. A cover and a date are available to us today.

Mutafukaz, finally the big comeback

After the usual reseller sites have left the information available to all, it is Run itself which announces the release of MFK 2 Volume 1 , cal at 16 January. After its western rereading operates in Mutafukaz 1886 , Run will return to the universe of the mother-series (which is also being published in the United States) with a story that takes place seven years after the conclusion of the first cycle. For the moment, the precise details of the story remain intentionally left, although the available summaries already suggest that Run will talk about misinformation, social networks, conspiracy, everything. by staging Angelino and Vinz traveling the roads of California, looking for their friend Willy who has since disappeared all these years.

Run announces on his social networks that MFK 2 will be accessible to people who have not read the first series Mutafukaz or its spin-off Puta Madre and Loba Loca , with an album of 144 pages which will be offered at the price of , 90. The cover, quite eloquent compared to the short summary available, and find below, and we look forward to being able to talk to you about it again.


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