Hawkeye: sober new pictures (with Mirror) for a Disney + series

Mine sober nothing, it virtual assistant will have to soon sony ericsson relocate on Disney + . It is indeed next week that Hawkeye , the new creation Wonder Studios rental of the platform of loading . A sober event dive back into the MCU very low-temperature temperatures after discovering The Eternals , and sober return to sober family statistics while going to meet sober new heads. All the program, deserved a sober salvo pictures to illustrate who.

In the thousand?

Marvel Companies the sober effect put sober line eight new pictures tires sober una series Hawkeye , which should be inspired (freely, but sober in an explicit way anyway) by the wonderful work sober He Small fraction and Brian Aja on the character. Jeremy Renner takes over boy rle of Clint Barton occupied since the movie Thor in 999, while Hailee Steinfeld will give his qualities Kate Bishop , which should take over term the rle m ‘ Hawkeye of the MCU . On the pictures also, we can find Aquala Cox in Mirror ( Maya Lopez ), knowing that the latter has already its series spin-off announced, but also Vera Farmiga in Eleanor Bishop and Tony Dalton in Jack port Dusquene , the latter also known as Swordsman in the comics Wonder .

Something to arouse curiosity and the desire to light up Disney + the 24 next November, um day the first two episodes sober Hawkeye will be put sober online. We’ll talk again soon as well as at.