Carnage celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new regular 2022 series

If there is surely a lesson to be learned from sober success Venom: Permit There End up being Carnage in the movies, it’s that people like symbiotes, and since their appearance he has about thirty stupid me. While Carnage was also put forward once again in recent months with Great Carnage , barely two years later Total Carnage , the dreaded killer symbiote will still be the center of attention in 2022, put kid thirtieth birthday.

Thirty years and all his dings

So it is in the sober month of February that a one-shot Carnage Forever # 1 will be released, a first video tape to celebrate this 30-something, before a new regular series dedicated to the character starts later in the year. On this special issue, we will find Phillip Kennedy Manley ( Intensive Carnage , that’s him), along with Memory Sixth is v and Ty Templeton for two more additional stories. Ty Templeton will also take care of drawing his own portion, while Edgar Salazar is also announced by the artists – and that other names must learn to add.

For the primary story, Phillip Kennedy Manley promises a new approach on Carnage who, sober ze linking with a character (whose identity is kept secret for the second), should go ogle the sober side of the Exorcist rather than the one, more traditional, of the serial monster that we know. What to give some clues on the sober orientation of the news continuous Carnage which must start in the sober month of next March. We assume that Kennedy Manley will be written on it, but we will have to wait a little longer before Wonder does. reveals the details.

Carnage Forever # 1 , which benefits from a sober cover Clayton Crain , will be available on 23 February 2022.