Autumn: under the leaves, no one will hear you rustle

A question of fear in comics is no small intrigue. Without the management of the child, without the mastery of a narration which can be disturbed at the will of a reader who anticipates the web page in encounter or skips too quickly a book, the artifices that the cinema or the television use do not could be reproduced. Everything is based mainly on the atmosphere, and the register of horror that we want to call. This year, several collections from across the Atlantic have learned to make their way through our country, and have succeeded in making us tremble. Think about The Plan and boy story of buried family corpses, Infidel and terrifying kid social talk, the reps of the guy have fireplace appeal .

The last comer, Autumn , at 404 Comics , hit the nail with a mastery of a register that is not often found in an American creation. Swirling without batting an eyelid in love could the persons scary , that kind of rural horror which generally fulfills forward paganism and sober power in character in sober isolated communities, the sober story Daniel Kraus , Chris Shehan and Jerr Wordie is formidable sober mastery. Enough to give you a few cold sweats and other photos of pressure, while the kind album very well with the season.

Fallen Results in

A sober female characters duo form our companions sober disastrous journey. Kat Sommerville , single mother struggles to contain a boisterous daughter who, Sybil , learns of the death of her mother, with whom she had lost the get in touch with since she had left her hometown, the retreat Ease and comfort Level . A difficult scenario and her heritage therefore push her to come back and settle with her daughter in this rather isolated village, bordered by a fortification with magnificent trees shimmering in autumnal colors. What to rebuild a tiny quiet life? The Autumn Quinox is approaching, and not all locals seem comfortable with the sober place Kat , because her mother has not made herself a good reputation in the last few years. years. Then, he has these few strange details that intrigue stupid, then worry. Why does everyone seem to be afraid … of leaves? What are these stories of children disappearing regularly in the woods? And what connection can this have with a childlike tragedy that Kat had emptied from her mind, and a haunting rhyme that all the children in town sing off?

Au scnario m ‘ Automnal , published across the Atlantic by a house Vault Comics ( These Savage Coast line , Cash Chance , The Piece , for their titles already reached us), we find Daniel Klaus , comes to us from the novel rather than from the comic strip which. The author has always bathed in the fantastic or horrific register. Boy 2nd novel, Rotters , was nominated for the Bram Stoker Prize in 2011 . We have seen him collaborate with Guillermo Del Toro on the novelization of The Form of Drinking water , and he co-wrote with the same filmmaker the book Trollhunters which then gave rise to the Netflix animation series of the same name. More recently he was finishing The Residing Dead, a sober novel George The unfinished. Romero, illustrious director of A Night of the Living Dead. So many great facts that assure from the start that the author knows what he is talking about. For those who appreciate the individuals scary the The Wicker Man, The Community or the most recent Ari Aster Hereditary / Midsommar, all the elements of style are present.

So, sober starting from a rhyme with sinister origins and simple dead leaves that are a sober part of any autumn landscape, Daniel Kraus succeeds in weaving an intrigue that oozes the love of the type. The splitting (eight chapters in all) allows to bring Kat and Sybil very slowly towards the strange, could squarely switch in horror in an orgasm rich in revelations to go, which even reveals cathartic. Kat Sommerville takes its quality throughout the album, and Klaus paints a vitriolic family portrait of these communities that sony ericsson protect others, or accept the worst compromises, could lead what they consider to be a quiet life. A revival of the village which makes very good use of invented folklore soothes, with very effective circumstance reversal in the 2nd divisions of the work. Another equally essential factor: the characters. Klaus manages to instill a rich personality in everyone, which makes the city of Comfort and ease Level really live before the eyes of the reader or the reader. Each person’s character is “true”, and neighborly relationships, discreet quarrels, and unacknowledged techniques are intertwined for the sake of the narrative fabric that is not solid.

From then on, the readership, just like Kat , could the freelance aprendí close on him. With the hatred and measurement of the discoveries, one feels the risk more and more near, the fear creeps between the web pages, just like the stress. A fear, vehicle Klaus and Chris Shehan manage to make us uncomfortable at the sight of simple dead leaves, which everyone has yet the accustomed to seeing as an integral part of autumn landscapes – without ever taking any interest. For kids, these are even terrific sober elements of sober play – who never had fun throwing sober kicks in sober heaps of fallen leaves? The chemical belief of concern develops with respect to the character which, the trees and the forest, therefore participate in the rise in pressure. A stress that works because we feel very well the stakes around Kat and Sybil , and that the incursion of the fantastic and the horror shows them web page after web page.

We said sober preamble, comics in, horror works leading place with atmosphere in. It will therefore be natural to underline the exceptional work of Chris Shehan on the artistic part, sublimated by the colors of Jerrika Wordie . Among other numerous one-off works in ind ‘or on the internet, Automnal constitutes the first mini-series that the artist draws entirely. Opting for a fairly classic cut on two or three strip boards, on which the sprinkles are very scarce, the drawing ze shows delightful. On the one hand, because the writing of the characters perfectly matches the personality conferred by the attribute of Shehan : everyone is easily recognizable, and the movements are perfectly transmitted, in agreement with the sober lines sober dialogue. On the other hand, because the care taken in the decor makes that the atmosphere, and we still insist on it, so important, takes the step and deliciously accompanies the story. Very good ideas emerge a and d, in particular on the use of leaves, literally emerge from situations which, as their omnipresence and danger could manifest.

Autumn has a relatively realistic factor, but Shehan knows how to twist boy characteristic when you have to interfere in fantasy or horror. The imaginary convened, takes support in the character and the forms of the trees which, worried by the deformation of the elements which one knows well; and the artist sony ericsson will let go of well-felt outpourings of physical violence, which will seek in the entire body scary . In Colors Jerr Wordie uses a palette of very vivid tones. The orange / brown of the dead leaves hits the retina, and then mingles with the disturbing redder hues, which refer to the present risk, or to the disastrous events of the move. A way in which the colors and qualities tear apart when the supernatural bursts into the scenes is also an element that shows how Autumnal has been thought about. As much the terrible simply: rarely el comicbook feeling succeeded this internship mimic the rules of a horror movie, at the internship to resume one of these famous sequences of the “he con had signs everywhere” which will push to go through the album once the address is complete. This will perhaps be the only pick-up: put is a specialist in the register who, we see that Klaus and Shehan are very professional and know their requirements, and if you are used to these stories, you will be well transported, but perhaps too in known surfaces could be really surprised.

Automnal is a success – a more sober addition to the catalog 404 Comics, t’toffe over the months which. The idea of ​​a horror story, set in a very fine record (the gilding of the title, we always appreciate), works thanks to the mastery shown by the creative team. On the screenplay, by rhythm kid and his characters fine writing. On the drawing, by its decorations and the incursions of the supernatural which come to stabilize the readers, and on the colors radiate on the paper which. As a fortification, very good luck during the season, and which in the right circumstances, could well make you tremble like a leaf. Admit it would be about.

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