Shang-Chi: a cut scene reveals that the sober character Razor Fist had to sacrifice himself at first

The time flies, and the sober long-film rewards take sober less sober less sober time to fall. Take Ant-Man , or Ant-Man & the Wasp : it took several months or years before the general public realizes that the crappy movies released in theaters could have been a little less zero. Today, thanks to the acceleration of the internet, the open public quickly knows more! It is also the magic of the internet. Sober the case, if Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings turned out to be more sympathetic than expected, the first DVD video rewards did not necessarily have to be served to grow the image of the movie of Destin Cretton . Unless you are a fan of blue backgrounds.

Razor Sacrifist

An alternate scene was also capitalized. present, about the sober character Razor Fist . Secondary character from the comics Wonder , right arm of the right arm of the villain in Shang-Chi , the wicked element entitled to a sort of reversal of the jacket in the ending edition of the project, by joining forces with the heroes was able to fight the demons at the end of a relatively predictable comic scene. Cuando Razor Fist will survive this battle ending, the sober movie Marvel Studios had apparently soberly planned to sacrifice the character, in a scene sober inspiration which would evoke the sober one Wanda and Hawkeye in Age group of Ultron . Particularly because an arc was still involved.

Difficult sober to know what prompted a sober decision Kevin Feige in a final edition, since the universe Marvel Studios could very well go without this relatively automatic poor man. Perhaps the president of the company is also enthusiastic about tuning and does not feel like sending the brother to the slaughterhouse (these community solidarity forms the knot of human fraternity). Moreover, the scene is more stupid than any other, but would perhaps have been duplicated after the death of the other lieutenant of Mandarin .

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