A new re Batman under Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina unveils his first boards

The time has soon come sober to say goodbye. In a few weeks, after almost two years of loyal providers (on the “good”, everyone can discuss it), James Tynion IV will finish kid operate on Batman . The replacement is already found in the person of Joshua Williamson , including the latter who also officiated alongside Scott Snyder in the last few years on the whole metal side. So terrible that we don’t really expect what Williamson , who was otherwise very convincing on Infinite Frontier , do not change the deal much with child arriving on the Dark Knight . Sober first boards are nevertheless put online to give us a sober glimpse of what we like.

Batman celebration crasher

Scheduled for the next sober month of December Batman # 99 thus initiates the start of a new re (or a new work maybe sober fill up inside ?), with a sober coming Joshua Williamson , who will be accompanied on a sober artistic part Jorge Molina . The boards put online by DC Comics show us a meeting of supervillains in Gotham Town , in the company of Riddler , Firefly or Monster Croc , during which spirits begin to heat up. Fortunately, the Crois la Cape will be there to intervene and put some order in all this, with the stuffers that it is good to use in these circumstances.

The sober artistic team also takes the opportunity to lift the veil on the style of a new adversary that Batman will meet in this top arc, which responds to the name m ‘ Abyss . Like Tynion IV , it seems that Williamson has the ambition to expand the gallery sober sober supervillains Batman , while some characters are however very little used despite their potential (like Warren Whitened or Two-Face). Abyss is a character able to use darkness even better than Batman and should therefore challenge him on this factor superhero. The creative team made it clear (it was expected) that this enemy will only be the first piece of a more fantastic puzzle together. Also note on the main cover the oval emblem taken from Batman Inc. , whereas the Chevalier Noir must be soon to venture sober outside sober Gotham . A variant of Viktor Bogdanovic , she pays tribute to the famous Spider-Man of Todd McFarlane .

Batman # 99 will be available for 4, 11 $ (and 5, 99 $ sober variant, hlas) the next December 7.