Calendar year already has in its ranks the artists Leonardo Romero spider-man: Freshman, Paolo Rivera and Julen Urrutia

In the droul (heavy, soft, without a second marking?) Of the Disney + Time event, we still feel not really l announcement of a new anime series dedicated to the character of Spider-Man , Freshman 12 months . Good news came to the enthusiasts of the Weaver, accustomed to a specific level of quality on the important iterations of cartoons devoted to his adventures. Package this first entry in the matter, the fearless Phenom , notorious authority of the networks in matter of squentiality, took again some names strewn with the four cash of the web (haha), of designers or from individual creative designers to the project.

Web of Spider-Man

First good news, the great Paolo Rivera will be sober a part to develop the sober aesthetics of this sober adulescent address Philip Parker . Star artist of modern comics in the United States, this one will notably be moved by the spider on the occasion of Mythos: Spider-Man , a magnificent little project in painting dedicated to the origins of the hero. Rivera is also known in the comic book world for his involvement in Hellboy & the MPUr.D. “annual” sober Paul Mignola and Chris Roberson .

This will be actually yesterday’s information, but I’m sooooo thrilled to end up being a component of this … and sooooo unhappy that I can’t state anything even more around it ????

Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera) Nov 12, 2021

On the side of animation professionals, Leonardo Romero , complete Brazilian artist at Wonder for the series Hawkeye ( Kelly Thompson , 2016), Shuri ( Nnedi Okorafor , 2018) or Physician Unusual: Final Times of Miracle ( Gerry Duggan , 14) will also be there, and took advantage of the announcement to present a leading visual of Philip Parker of Freshman Year . Finally, Julen Urrutia , a creator more specialized in the modeling of images in three measurements (and also fantastic enthusiast of comics) completed this leading trio of fortification beautiful appeal, was able to initiate a first draft of good news on the graphic part of the new anime series. It remains to be seen that all of these creators will succeed in pooling their abilities.

I’m so hyped by an animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Yr. We already know that Leonardo Romero, Paolo Rivera and Julen Urrutia are working on the series and we finally see the sober original of this sober Spidey edition. I expect so much.

TheFrenchPhenom (@DaFeenom) The fall of 14, 2021