Adults of the Universe vol. 3: Sylvester Stallone confirms his return in the sober James Gunn film

After lending his voice (“rocky”) to the sober character King Shark in The Suicide Team , Sylvester Stallone meets James Gunn on the sober set Adults of the Universe flight. 3 . The actor will appear for the second time under the attributes of Stakar Ogord , fantastic chief cook of the Ravagers , a kind of cooperative smugglers and mobsters of all kinds comparable to the space truckers, appeared in the 2nd episode of the series. The director had already confirmed the return of the old man, perhaps a more essential role this time.


Stallone the announced boy arrives on sets soberly filming via social networks, sober lending himself to the sober game of a sober kid-face digital transcription. This feature capture process is used today to avoid endangering the creation, in case an interpreter is not able to ensure his commitments on a particular project, for health reasons or imperative employed. The facilities can then use the digital “copy” of a star to embed it in the movie, thanks to the magic of the special effects. See in Bojack Horseman when the alcoholic horse is replaced by a digital actor who costs to play the entire movie for hire via synthetic imagery? It’s the same, less morbid in.

Adults of the Universe vol. 3 is expected for May 5 2023 in the United States (May 3 2023 sober France according to a conversion usual for sober exit schedules).