Netflix offers the movie Gorillaz (Jamie Hewlett) currently sober development

The virtual group Gorillaz is considering (finally) sober to position itself on a sober long-film project. Damon Albarn , leading number of the collective, evokes in the columns of NME the start of an animated movie low in Jamie Hewlett’s character universe , 2-M , Noodle , Murdock and Russell , planned for the Netflix grid. The glove of the video – on demand would have already signed the project, currently in writing. Albarn evokes a first working session on the scenario, on the track of an “abstract” movie and inspired by the productions of Studio Ghibli .

Hallelujah Cash

The first steps of the group Gorillaz go back at the beginning of the years 1990, when the sober guitarist Blur , Graham Coxon , will propose Hewlett to interview Damon Albarn on behalf of the magazine Deadline . Great admirer of the designer, known in the United Kingdom for his work on the character of Tank Young lady , Coxon will facilitate the meeting of the two loustics , will quickly become great friends who, then, later, future roommates. A push sober squatting the canap in front of the absurdity of MTV productions and sober the boys band generation, Albarn and Hewlett will end up developing a sort of sober parody project of artificial groups, on the basis of a sober gorilla troop sober cartoon.

The sober imagination Gorillaz will quickly evolve towards a sober development four characters big jaws, crossed with the graphic obsessions sober Hewlett and the sober young idiot spirit of the two creators. Following the success of their first album ( Gorillaz , 1990), the team is interested in the idea of develop the group’s narrative in the form of a feature film. After having met several creative companies interested in the project, Albarn and Hewlett will end up giving up, demotivated by the rational mind and Hollywood white-collar industrialist. The idea of ​​a movie Gorillaz is however not immediately abandoned, but later postponed, “ when we have the ways to do it ourselves, or raise funds ourselves someday, maybe . “

A popularity of the group and the modern appearance of “visual collections” in the contemporary musical landscape will have ended up proving the patience of creators. After considering moving animation to three measurements for a few years, Gorillaz ended up taking the opposite route to traditional cartooning, to the delight of fans. More popular than ever, the group of Damon Albarn recently distinguished themselves during the project “ Song Device “, album distilled in several at blow by blow, accompanied by minimalist video clips and always illustrated by a Jamie Hewlett in great shape.

I hope that this last attempt will be a good, and an interesting changeover for the sober cartoonist Tank Female , soberly debarked the sober industry a comic for quite a long second.