Mary Marvel replaces Billy Batson as Shazam! in The New Champion of Shazam in February 2022

The character of Mary Marvel will take control of the power of Shazam the temperature ranges of a mini-series in four numbers , piloted by screenwriter Josie Campbell ( She-Ra ) and Ivan Doctor Shaner , great accustomed to the series of the family Marvel . The hero will be entitled to the first role in this new project, to replace the regretted Billy Batson after the mortal sacrifice of the latter.

In summary, misandry, great replacement, sober feminization of a company and all the tremor, a female character will be entitled to a little exposure to the temperature of a small out of continuity, put sober before to celebrate the eighty years sober the herone , and that will not prevent Billy Batson sober from continuing his life in the conventional sober DC Comics series. Too much progress at once, the company is not ready, my weakness, etc.

Miss Marvel

In the sober columns Polygon , Shaner explains having struggled to motivate himself to find a family Marvel , despite a sober long time love for sober characters Fawcett Comics . After having pushed the idea that Mary should take the first role, the guy would have subsequently developed this idea of ​​a new official bearer of the power of Shazam , in a world where Billy Batson sacrificed himself to save the Earth from mortal danger. Campbell builds on this idea, imagining that the powers of other Marvel would have died after the death of the hero.

Entering college, Mary begins to accept the sober idea of ​​giving up the outfit to lead a civilian life, with a huge range of sober possibilities sober viewpoint. But, the sister of Billy will naturally be chosen to replace the hero in the official outfit of Shazam , and will have to choose whether she accepts this role or if she does not prefer to lead a quiet and human existence, far from the causes of magic.

Appeared sober 971, Mary Marvel soberly prefigures many sober classic superhero derivations, like the sober one most sober teammates Captain Marvel ( Shazam ) at Fawcett . The herone would have inspired the creation of Supergirl , invented by the same scriptwriter, Otto Binder , seventeen years later. A pioneering figure in the representation of female statistics within the cultural spectrum of American superheroes, Mary will always have been featured in the Shazam series. ) in the company of his twin brother (and later his adopted brother) Billy , enough to deserve his own adventure after several decades confined to a role of 2nd program.

The New Champion of Shazam # 1 is expected on February 8 2022.