Wonder Studios confirms Mirror and Agatha: Home of Harkness series and unveils a whole bunch of sober logos for the Disney + Day time

According to the sober announcements new animation series, proving that a newly opened sober Wonder Studios branch on this sector is full of ambitions, the Disney + Time was also an opportunity to have some confirmations on the future of the series live activity . Of those that are only at the beginning of their development, and of which it was difficult to have the second of the pictures put in the process of law video teasers . Two projects recently reported by the usual serious American media have thus been verified.

Marvel Logos

So, a sober series spin-off sober WandaVision which sony ericsson focuses on Agatha Harkness , whose development had big t connection by Range , found herself confirmed – with the official title Agatha: Home of Harkness (which will be the priori modified for a French edition, sober believe a sober press release sober press Disney sent in the afternoon). Sober parallel, the series Mirror (on Maya Lopez , which must appear in the series Hawkeye ) is also formalized with the shiny logo design, the American glove confirming by the same event that it is Aquala Cox who will take over boy role in this work.

Since we are talking about sober trademarks, it is precisely sober new visuals that have testosterone levels presented for the She- series Hulk (of which we had sober first pictures sober movement), Magic formula Breach (with a picture on the counter) and Ironheart – for the latter, Disney also makes us part of a “VF title to come”, this seems very curious which. In the meantime, we will patiently await news of these productions in the coming months. Everything comes stage knows how to wait, you know the song.

Moon Dark night, She-Hulk, Echo and Spider-Man: Freshman Yr (English titles), soon sober loading on #DisneyPlus. #DisneyPlusDay photo.tweets.com/ShLCgZYASY

Disney + FR (@DisneyPlusFR) The fall of 12, 2021

I actually Was Groot, Ironheart, and Agatha: Home of Harkness, soon loading on #DisneyPlus. #DisneyPlusDay picture.tweets.com/4HvYJDY12

Disney + FR (@DisneyPlusFR) Nov 12, 2021

Wonder Zombies and Key Attack (English titles), soon going to #DisneyPlus. #DisneyPlusDay photo.tweets.com/VnRzA3ORwh

Disney + FR (@DisneyPlusFR) The fall of 12, 2021

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