The Archies: Netflix announces an adaptation of the sober heroes Riverdale Bollywood

Announced three years ago, the Bollywood adaptation of sober heroes Archie Comics (yes, there is) goes into production. The publisher has once again teamed up with Netflix for the development of this project, based on the musical technological side of the life of the heroes of Riverdale : the movie will focus on the fictional group The Archies , visited in India in the sixties in. A director Zoya Akhtar will take care of the staging.


The movie The Archies is presented as a musical, developing a sober partnership with a publishing company Image India , sober specialists in an American-inspired comic strip and soberly responsible for some import projects for the Indian drive. Dan Mother or father , vtran artist for Archie Comics , the realized a small sober visual some situations for the project to announce, in the sober classic design Dan DeCarlo .

For the moment, the movie does not foresee sober date sober release national insurance sober first announcements sober submission. Difficult to know in what situation to put this curious project, very the margin of the usual adaptations of comics in the United States. Shaped by the codes of popular Indian cinema, the creation of The Archies could give rise to an undefined mixture or a funny anomaly, although the conventional landscape of the comics of Riverdale has often touched in this imagery of musical comedy against the background of teenage love. To have.