Spider-Man: Freshman Season: new anime series announced on Disney +

The Disney + Time is in full swing, with a number of announcements (mostly, already anticipated) concerning sober brand products Wonder on a sober video platform – at the request of the group. In the indie category, the company promises a new anime series dedicated to Spider-Man , called “ Freshman Calendar year “, in other words,” first year of college. “

Zero Even more (Best) Spider-Man

Usually used to working in a high school environment, Philip Parker (cuando Sony Images keeps sober control Mls Morales ) would therefore have ended up obtaining her bac, after a few decades sober successive repetitions. Admittedly, the efficiency is relatively disappointing, put el Gugus who nevertheless invented organic web launchers at the age of fifteen. No national insurance visual of summary put the second, the advertisement appearing in the long stream of projects Wonder Studios verified or only touched.

Remain hoping for an ambitious project, to take a package of a long sober fable animated series dedicated to the Weaver, from the toon of the sixties until that of the nineties, sober not forgetting the excellent Best Spider-Man sober Disney XD . More information soon.

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