Shang-Chi: the making-of (Wonder Studios: Gathering) available on Disney + (before those sober Dark Widow and What If …?)

Good shock for sober making-of and sober cinma amateurs. To celebrate the arrival of Shang-Chi & Una Lgende des Dix Rings in the United States on Disney + , put the Disney + Time which takes place today, it is also the dedicated episode of Wonder Studios: Gathering which has been added to the platform.

Amateurs sober blue background, welcome

A few days after a btisier appeared to us sober line, so it’s the episode Marvel Studios: Gathering sober Shang-Chi which is available on Disney + . A series of making-of keep on showing us behind the scenes of the MCU production, with boy great deal of interventions from the production and spreading teams, and particularly in the case of Shang-Chi , lots and lots of blue backgrounds.

Funny thing, the episode on Shang-Chi is therefore sober before the dedicated ones Dark Widow and What If …? , programs for the next few weeks on the French edition sober Disney + , whereas they have been available elsewhere for a long time. It must be there, except the French.

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