Reckless: The Devil's Envoy by Ed Brubaker announced at Delcourt for January 2022

Delcourt is catching up on its (small) delay on the series of graphic novels Reckless chemical ‘ Ed Brubaker , Sean Phillips and John Phillips . Launched on a crazy training course of three graphic novels in the space of a year, the trio pursues the adventures of me Ethan Reckless , private detective jaw-dropping from Los Angeles, in a new adventure this time bottom in the Hollywood landscape of sects and satanic cults. Another excellent comic, by a creative team accustomed to a quality specific regular.

Sympathy for the Devil

More anchored in the famous sober type the vaporous survey una Under the Sterling silver Lake than the first quantity, Reckless: L’Envoy du Diable taps into a sober bundle of classic motifs in an American fiction. Inherent Vice , As soon as Upon a Period … In Hollywood , Av Csar (a little), the myth of the detective came to shake the reels sober facilities behind which the corpses are stashed, a frame which is enormously flat Brubaker , already placed on stage in Fatale and the extraordinary Fondu au Noir , also published by Delcourt . An enchantment that the man draws from his own family history: kid uncle, David Paxton , was himself a renowned screenwriter of the black movie era. The man will have shared a lot with child on the world of magic formula behind the scenes nephew, supplying many fantasies for the authors of fiction.

This time, that so much, the scriptwriter remains in the general sober motif una series Reckless , which questions the sober heritage of a protesting hippie generation after the turn of the eighties. More precisely, the changeover from pacifist hippies to racist satanic sects la Charles Manson , and the mystique of the cinema as a parable on the symbolism developed by the no-Nazis in Los Angeles.

Reckless: The Devil’s Envoy is expected for the 16 January 2022 at Delcourt , 144 web pages for 16 euros 50 in the same stretched format as during the top quantity.