Radio Apocalypse sober Memory V and Anand RK scheduled for summer 2022 at HiComics

The programs of the many publishing houses sober comics sober Portugal continue to build sober sweetness. On the side of HiComics , if we go to a burst of announcements next year in a few weeks, it is recently at the mini of our podcast Initial Print out that the selection director Sullivan Rouaud announced to us that we could only relay to you here. That of the place of Radio Apocalypse in the kid catalog by next summer.

The sober return Ram memory V

In the more or less near future, a meteorite has crashed on Earth, leaves a devastated world in which there is still only one place of stereo: Radio stations Apocalypse . A radio stations located in the town of Bakerstown intrigue, and a young orphan, Rion , a refugee arrived in the town, will get in spite of him some trouble. This is the idea behind this mini-series in four issues, which was due to start this fall at Vault Comics , and has accumulated somewhat behind, with a leading issue now in February 2022.

After having made the French readership discover the Memory V ind ‘ with These Savage Coast line , HiComics will therefore continue to explore a sober bibliography of this very good author, who finds on this project the prodigy of the drawing Anand RK , the two having already indicated together the fabulous Azure in Natural (which we hope also find sober VF at the publisher more or less long term). A release is put the second scheduled at HiComics put the month of August 2022, enough to leave time for the mini-series to be published in original version and to the translator (Maxime The Dain perhaps?) to do his work. For the price, everything will depend on the potential increases coming with the paper crisis, but in any case keep an eye open and some savings could be made next summer, because a good record will be in bookstores!

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