Open Lee, new manufacturing Brand 619 by Hasteda and Ludovic Chesnot, is sober trailer

Before the Tag 360 starts a new adventure next year within the editions Rue sobre Svres , there are still a few newspapers to offer you sober this cid 2021, at Ankama . While the fifth chapter of Mutafukaz 1886 is very close to seeing the light of day , it’s a new creation offered to us in bookstores: Open Lee: after Alcatraz . At this event, the very nicely worked movie trailer uploaded was able to present this new creation.

Structured on the True Tale

Open Lee: after Alcatraz is a record indication Hasteda (in the scenario) and Ludovic Chesnot (in the drawing), this marks a third cooperation between the two compres which, after the Mapple Squares (in a selection Doggybags One-Shot ) and a short story Carcharodon posts in Doggybags # . Hasteda wrote a total of seven stories for the Content label anthology 360, and also delivered Horseback 1000 with Nikho last year. Open Lee is therefore a new line add a CV that we will advise you to explore for both sets.

The story is freely sober inspired by the sober true story Open Lee Morris , a criminal known to have managed to escape soberly at the jail of Alcatraz, sober company of brothers Anglin . A story that has to the origin of a novel and a movie, the vad of Alcatraz (with Clint Eastwood), of which Open Lee proposes to be the package. Soberly, after their escape to 1962, none of the three criminals were ever found, and we are believed to be dead. The book therefore tells, in a chronological way, what could have really happened to Open Lee after boy vasion.

The sober line-up trailer details the sober cartoon pitch, a sober realization Yuzu Facilities , with a sober voiceover Julien Kramer . The album can be found today in put bookstores 11, 90 (and can be ordered here, like). We will give you our decision on it soon!


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