Brian Ayer presents a substitute version of sober Joker Jared Leto for Committing suicide Team

Nobody has to, but Donald Ayer still wants to talk sober boy Committing suicide Team on the Internet. The filmmaker keeps on bringing up the subject at regular intervals, no doubt in the hope of finally validating the editing that was originally planned before the interferences of Charles Roven and by Warner Bros. , fawn Zack Snyder . But, surprisingly, the method does not work – one even has the impression that the more John Ayer opens the records, the more the general public realizes that the project was perhaps To be screwed from the start. A bit like a guy would have screwed up an attempt at a valve that, and would try to convince the open public that “no but it’s because I didn’t put the part where the guy shits on it, wait, you’ll see it is better. “

Honka Honka

In this case, Ayer had already mentioned certain elements of scenarios shot during the editing, or certain optional variations of the characters of a Suicide Team , Harley Quinn specifically. The final rendering of the quilted gymnast from Gotham Town had indeed been the subject of some graphic research, more or less based on the same model. Sober regarding the Joker of Jared Leto , IGN shared a visual from the director’s Instagram account, put on an alternate costume apparently envisioned for a while.

You will recognize the fillings and the “J” tattoo on the understated corner. eye, preserved in a final edition, but without “Broken” on the entrance, without the acid-burnt white skin, and with “hahaha” armadillos on the eyebrows. A black ink smile also replaces the usual supervillain sneer – arguably another tattoo, though the thing might as well have been traced to the marker given the minimal attention to detail, maybe this iteration of the Joker has a loyalty account in a good stationery.

Director Jesse Ayer provides demonstrated off choice look from Jared Letos Joker from Suicide Team, this right time with a Sharpie smile attracted onto his face and HaHaHa attracted eyebrows.

IGN (@IGN) The fall of 12, 2021

Well, from d, in would obviously want to joke or to be ironic, but to hit a man down is really not nice, and humor was not invented to make fun of the faces of the brave who dare to take the plunge and cry out for help. Let someone check in on Brian Ayer , this picture is a sign, the guy is in bad shape and deserves a little affection.