Wonder Studios at work on a sober Daredevil reboot according to screenwriter Donald Hayter (Watchmen)

At the time when sony ericsson asks a sober question a sober presence He Murdock in the famous sober program Wonder Studios on social networks – let’s say that the sober answer elements should fall quickly, it’s already the – the writer John Hayter would have sober boy next to european union wind out of a reboot of the sober character full of development. A famous two-year retention period, during which Netflix retained the usufruct of the hero, has effectively ended and Feige can kid and be happy about the potential relaunch of one of the most popular heroes in the catalog Wonder .

Not forcment affiliate Disney , the bonhomme the european union a major in the sector of sober comics adaptations for a long time, to have indication the scripts of the top X-Men , sober X-Men 2 with Eileen Dougherty and Dan Harris , and sober the sober adaptation Watchmen with Alex Tse . Which is anything but dishonest after all – component a, the guy also got away Strong Snake necklace and many years in the tale Steel Gear , which almost causes my work on the script for the Return on investment Scorpion . Almost. Because hey, you shouldn’t give away.

Created Again?

Well implant Artist, Hayter would have sober anyway european union the verification of a new iteration sober the business Daredevil d ‘for the next few years. Invited to the MGM Comedian Scam in London, the scriptwriter was interviewed by Little Display screen on the superhero who would have his favors in the event of an adaptation order. The information might not have been taken in this form, but he seems to be apparently convinced that these are not just hallway noises.

“They are sober sober doing a sober Daredevil reboot sober this minute, and Daredevil has always been a big character for me. I loved the way they did it the first time. times but there are certain things that I would like to adapt from the fable of Open Callier about the character and that are very important to me. He is the one I would choose. “

In a similar perspective, we will remember the sober words Joe Carnahan , who hoped to sober boy next to realize a sober trilogy movies on the Man Without Fear in the years 1980, directly stripping on the sober work Open Callier and Klaus Janson . For now, the ball is in the campsite of Wonder : Presenting that the idea of ​​tapping into the ideas of older, more talented artists to testosterone levels causes, why not hire the screenwriter of the first two X-Men was a movie featuring He Murdock by Charlie Cox . Last I heard, the actor seemed motivated , and the urban world of New York is set to be explored in the Hawkeye and Mirror series.

Daredevil was often considered one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel universe , on sony ericsson doubted that Kevin Feige was going to soberly try to save the furniture term, one way or another.