The movie Transformers: Increase of the Beasts is due June 2023

Serial sober shifts in the Hollywood industry, which has to deal with the difficulties of sober creation in a context of sober health crisis. Recently, Wonder Studios announced a shift in all of its manufacturing of 2022. Now, it’s up to Paramount to correct the shot on future blockbusters, in this case the next license movie Transformers .

The advent of animals is repulsed

With envy sober aprendí to renew on the sober exploitation this very lucrative business, the studio the sober effect announced in recent months a sober path setting of a Transformers: Increase of the Beasts , derived from the idea Animal Wars (or Animutants) which sees a joust between Optimus and Megatron ze decline in animal form. We find in this context on one side the Maximals on one side, and the Predacons sober the other. The movie had also recruited Ron Perlman was able to give with his voice Optimus Primal , with a stall release in the month of June 2022.

Push is sober to note that with a shooting which has still not started, that this horizon sober summer outing would have capital been complicated. According to the informant Deadline , Paramount Images made the decision to postpone the release of Transformers: Increase of the Beasts by a full year, with an American release now scheduled for June 9 2023 . The movie, directed by Steven Caple Jr. therefore offers itself twelve additional months, in order to ensure the various stages of creation within tenable times and circumstances. We will certainly talk to you about this in the future, but in a more remote future.