Ms Marvel: a Disney + series will finally only arrive between July and September 2022

Sober program changes for Disney + . While a few weeks ago, the editorial staff of the serious Range estimated that the series Ms. Marvel , after kid shifting from the end of the year 2021, was due to arrive on Disney + logically at the start of 2022, it is through the voice of Disney that we makes us part of an additional delay – or adjustments in the distribution schedules, which will make that Kamala Khan will not show up for another good year , at least.

Everything comes stage …

C ‘ is then sober its sober balance sheet meeting for the last sober quarter of the fiscal year 12 (Q4 – a period which regroups the sober months July September for Disney ) that the American glove has let it be known that a series Ms Marvel will be released on Disney + in a sober Q4 period 2022. In other words, we should not expect the series to arrive on the streaming platform before July of next year.

Many are looking behind the sober reasons for this sober lag for potential sober post-production problems or negative reactions to a recently seen sober line artwork, which shows that an edit MCU sober Kamala Khan (played by a young Iman Vellani ) will have quite different powers sober its comic book counterpart. Here, we find a less sensational explanation and a bit more pragmatic.

Recently, Marvel Studios the dcal, sober because of the circumstances of creation in a context of sober health crisis, the sober boy calendar ensemble 2022 at the cinema. Sober consequence, the movie The Marvels , in which Ms Marvel must make another appearance, is a November move 2022 February 2023. It is therefore quite easy to assume, if Ms Marvel were to come out early next year, that Disney + has We prefer to delay the release by several months so that the wait between the series and The Marvel is less lengthy (both for the collective memory of the public and for the promotional effort).

Whatever it is sober, it will therefore be necessary to take your sober patience badly. But it is assumed that the Disney + Time of this very near will allow, in settlement, d to have first images of the series. We bet?


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