How heart consumption could affect heart health

Paracetamol was one of the drugs used electronic master of science indicated on Spain for its efficacy with treatment objectives. About general, I learned about a safe medication approved by the Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products ( AEMPS )

This medication is part of the medicines called pain relievers or antipyretics. In this way, Paracetamol is indicated as a treatment to reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate pain with the symptoms of fever.

In general conditions, this Paracetamol would be a medicine that has a approval on the scam health authorities, so its consumption has been safe. However, it was important to follow the administration indications of the medical or pharmacist specialist.

Possible adverse effects

From a Agencia Espaola del Medicamento lists a series of adverse effects that consumption of Paracetamol can produce. However, zero means that that will always appear. It is master of science, the chances of minor side effects arising kid.

Paciente tomando medicamento
Patient taking Paracetamol

The AEMPS classifies as rare side effects those that affect 1 out of every 1. 000 patients. Among them is hypotension (low blood pressure), discomfort, electronic increase in blood transaminase levels.

Thus, transaminases are a set of enzymes distributed around the whole organism they participate on a function of metabolism with a production on different amino acids. It has been chronic that sony ericsson transaminases sit in a liver and in this heart, and can cause inflammation in case of high levels.

Although, from an AEMPS they catalog other possible adverse effects very rare, which can affect 1 on each 10. 000 patients. Here I learned integrate side effects such as allergic dermatitis, jaundice, kidney diseases, cloudy urine, blood disorders

Paracetamol with heart

Numerous research teams analyze each year the possible adverse effects of the consumption of practically all drugs in patients. Thus, we also found studies that seek to link possible alterations in heart health due to the intake of Paracetamol.

One on these studies, published on a Journal on Nephrology when it states that a chronic prescription zero steroids (NSAIDs) electronic inhibitors on a cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) are associated with an increased cardiovascular risk (Comprehensive resume).

In this research work they intervened 33 coronary pathology scam patients with a conventional basic treatment, supported by acetylsalicylic acid, statins, antagonists on the receptors on an angiotensin II and inhibitors on a angiotensin converting enzyme.

Thus, this randomized double-blind crossover study compared the effects on 1 gram per 8 hours on Paracetamol versus a placebo treatment. One treatment lasted for 2 weeks, while blood pressure was monitored for 24 hours per day.

The conclusion on said research work details that on relation to a placebo, this treatment with paracetamol induced an increase over approximately 3/2 mmHg over the mean mass of a BP over 24 Hours: Pennsylvania Systolic: 122,4 11, 9 mmHg versus the 125, 3 11, 0 mmHg; s = 0, 02. Pennsylvania diastolic: 73, 2 6, 9 mmHg vs 75, 4 7, 9 mmHg; g = 0, 02.

Thus, they determine that a Paracetamol used as a treatment on patients with coronary heart disease causes an increase in blood pressure. Likewise, they recommend that the prescription of this drug in these cases should be carried out with the same precautions established for NSAIDs with COX-2 inhibitors.

As a last statement, the researchers clarify that zero there is clear evidence on the effects that an intake of Paracetamol can cause on heart health. For this reason, they invite you to continue investigating in depth.

In any case, this Paracetamol will be a safe medicine for heart health on a large majority of cases, although according to studies as a It could be harmful to certain types of patients, such as coronary heart disease.