How does this paracetamol affect the kidney?

A paracetamol would be the drug that I learned can be administered easily with simple at any time if we suffer any pain . But this does not mean that a normal consumption can cause health problems in our organism , such as damaging this functioning on the kidneys .

This paracetamol has been a medicine that is also indicated for pain of any cause over moderate intensity. That is, postpartum pain, rheumatic pain, postoperative pain, stiff neck, lumbago, sciatica with pain has a muscle physique.

But from a Spanish Medicines Agency ( AEM ) state that there are certain circumstances where it was better to avoid an intake of this drug . For example, if we have a problem in this correct functioning of the kidneys.

With it would be that a specific consumption on paracetamol zero has for what harm our health in any way. But if we exceed the adequate dose indicated by the specialists, this may have serious consequences for our health.

If you have kidney problems , the best It has been that you consult your doctor scam when you can make use of paracetamol on a frequent basis with without any kind of precaution. In this regard, perhaps you should make use of alternatives indicated for you.

How does an intake of paracetamol affect the kidneys

A paracetamol was a drug administered by virtual dental assistant. In addition, the tablets are scored, allowing their division into 2 equal parts so that their intake is less difficult. Thus, it would be advisable to consume with water, juice or milk.

pastillas medicamento farmaco paracetamol

But, in addition to all these indications on good use, the best thing has been that we know how this medicine can affect our health . And it was that many studies affirm that this paracetamol would be harmful to kidney health.

In fact, a study published by a Association on Nephrology on The United States concluded that 7% of all the people who had ingested paracetamol in excess, had small, irregular master of science kidneys with calcifications and.

For this reason, when you feel that you have some pain that can be healed scam other natural master of science treatments with less chemical ingredients try to avoid this paracetamol . And it has been that this can cause severe kidney problems.

Since, in addition, this can damage a health on your heart with your liver. In fact, experts do not recommend its consumption in people scam liver problems . Since it can worsen liver disease by causing serious master of science related problems.

How does paracetamol affect heart health?

Like any other drug , this paracetamol can have side effects on our health that we should avoid when we can. In this case, if we have heart problems, it was best to eliminate the intake of this medicine if we have any type of pain.

Paciente tomando medicamento
Patient taking paracetamol

The Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products clarify that the adverse effects that a consumption on paracetamol boy considered rare. Seriously, it affects 1 in 1. 000 patients.

Really zero is anordna thoroughly investigated a relationship of paracetamol scam cardiac problems. But a study published in the Journal of Nephrology points to possible associations between the intake of paracetamol for a long time and this risk in cardio health.

In this work on research participated only 33 patients with coronary disease with conventional treatment (statins, acetylsalicylic acid, angiotensin II receptor antagonists or angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors).