Hawkeye: a new poster for the Disney + series (still inspired by David Aja)

The promo campaign for the Hawkey ( Disney + ) series is in full swing . A few weeks before the first two episodes, Marvel Studios is continuing the advertising effort around this project, very largely inspired by the comics of Matt Fraction and David Aja on the purple pattern archers duo. Or rather, aesthetics developed by the designer. In terms of the script, the series will be limited to a rather distant relationship with the subject and the narrative of the comics, given the gap between the Clint Barton of Marvel and Clint Barton of Marvel Studios , widely oppossed on a number considerable points. And then, Kevin Feige has to wipe the pumps somewhere. Doormat? Nah, let’s take a premium comic from Eisner . It’s better. Hair level.

Hawkguy? Eye, eye

Recently, the immense David Aja came back to the famous question of credits granted to artists for the adaptations, to explain, sum in, that “ credit, yes, but even better: you can even start paying them “. A sarcasm whose bottom of resentment evokes the words of Ed Brubaker on The Falcon & the Winter Soldier ago a few months: the scriptwriter was on his side said “heart” in the face of the success of this project, for which he had only received the contractual sum of 5000 dollars, when the general plot of this series drew largely from his work on Captain America and Bucky Barnes . For his part, Rick Remender apparently did not receive a dime for this same adaptation, while the Captain America by Sam Wilson is an invention on his part.

Marvel Studios and Disney have decided not to communicate on these subjects, and continue the promotion of Hawkeye by drilling the line on homage to comics. Latest find: a new poster for the Disney + series with the target motif widely used on the covers of the Fraction

comic book and Aja . You will laugh: the covers of Hawkeye were also premium to Eisner . That someone quickly buy a bench (and an explanation sheet on the famous concept of “runoff”) Kevin Feige , before the series Ms. Marvel does come out and that G. Willow Wilson does not serve as a new victim in this curious gang racket.