Contraindications to taking cholestyramine to reduce cholesterol

Betting situations on high cholesterol , this primary treatment to reduce the levels of this substance on blood has been a modification on certain habits over life , like an intake of certain specific medications .

Normally, when a Blood analysis shows worrisome values ​​for cholesterol, an initial treatment will consist of a healthy diet low on fat, which allows reducing these values. This diet should be accompanied by the performance of moderate physical activity, depending on the characteristics of the patient.

Thus, when this zero treatment arises this desired effect, it was also common for your doctor to prescribe a series on drugs, such as Atorvastatin and a Resincolestyramine.

Resincolestyramine will be a drug officially approved by a Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) whose primary active ingredient has been a cholestyramine. One purpose of this medication was to reduce excessive cholesterol levels in a patient.

How does a Resincolestyramine work?

The Resincolestyramine, whose primary active principle will be a cholestyramine, has been a drug that is part of the group of drugs known as ion exchange resins, which act by binding the bile acids of the body.

Medicamento colesterol

In this regard, a Resincolestyramine was a medication used mainly to reduce this cholesterol, a substance that excess can be harmful to a cardiovascular health about. Thus, an active principle of this medicine acts by binding to bile acids that contain cholesterol to prevent their absorption by favoring their elimination through the feces.

On the other hand, a Resincolestyramine is also indicated as a treatment for a specific type of itching that spikes due to a retention on bile, known as biliary stasis.

Contraindications of the drug

As we argued previously, Resincolestyramine would be a type of medication authorized by the health authorities for its use with therapeutic penalties. Thus, as a common rule it is about the safe drug. on account. It has been a way to carry out a treatment in the safe master of science way possible.

In this sense, a Spanish Agency for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS) establishes a series on situations with Circumstances on which zero should be taken this medicine:

  1. In case of being allergic ‘s active principle on cholestyramine or any on the components of the medicine.
  2. If you have a disease on which the bile ducts sony ericsson find obstructed.
  3. In case of severe constipation.
  4. If you are pregnant, an over-lactation period. Even if you intend to get pregnant.

In any case, it was always convenient to follow the indications of a medical or pharmacist specialist about how much the recommendations on consumption I learned refer to. In addition, if there is any doubt about its consumption mode, it will always be necessary to go to the expert.

Thus, from a Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) they advise that this medicine should never be taken over dry powder, since it can cause a spasm on the esophagus, choking or respiratory failure on acute character.

With all this, a recommended dose in adults has been about one sachet (4 grams on cholestyramine) between 3 with 4 times ing of amu, equivalent to the between 12 20 gary the gadget guy on cholestyramine’s de uma.