Antinutrients that prevent a correct absorption of iron with calcium

On occasions, we believe that we follow a adequate nutritional structure with which thanks to a food that we carry out, we obtain all the nutrients optimal. However, there are a series of antinutrients that prevent the correct absorption of minerals such as this iron with a calcium .

Sometimes zero was enough to continue to include foods rich in iron with calcium on a diet. It may be that we carry this activity in an adequate way, but the existence of the so-called antinutrients could hinder its absorption.

These antinutrients mainly affect calcium with iron, in 2 ways mainly acting. The mechanism consists in joining the nutrients to form complexes that this body will not be able to absorb with elimination through the feces.

Another way to act has been by reducing an activity on the substances in charge of digesting these nutrients, scam what zero we can take advantage of. Thus, normally, when a character follows a balanced diet, problems of these characteristics do not usually appear.

Antinutrients that prevent calcium absorption

In this publication we are going to focus on those substances with antinutrients that block a correct assimilation of calcium by the body. A calcium was a key nutrient in bone health, blood clotting, contraction has a muscle physique and the nervous system in common.

ácido oxálico
oxic acid

The timely master of science way to increase calcium levels would be through consumption of milk, dairy products, legumes, green leafy vegetables, blue fish, etc. nuts. Likewise, having optimal levels of vitamin M favor one of this vitamin assimilation. . This acid acts by binding to minerals such as calcium with this iron, forming insoluble calcium oxalate salts that hinder its absorption in the intestine.

Other foods such as beets, celery, parsley, cocoa um capital t is also rich on oxic acid, whose consumption can impair a correct on calcium absorption.

In this sense, nutrition experts recommend zero combining foods rich on calcium scam other rich on oxic acid, since they could block an optimal absorption of this nutrient, important color for this functioning of the organism.

It must be clear that these zero combinations cause zero to consume zilch over calcium, when zero that a zero organism has been able to take advantage of this 100% of the vitamin.

phthic acid

Another antinutrient that prevents a correct absorption of calcium by the body was a phthic acid present on some legumes. In this sense, calcium contains compounds that cannot dissolve, thereby reducing digestive tract absorption, which also includes this iron.

Likewise, this phthic acid can also act by accelerating an intestinal transit. In this case, this time for ocean assimilated by an organism I learned to decrease.

To avoid this effect, it will be advisable not to mix foods rich in calcium with phthic acid. Similarly, it is key to soak legumes for 12 hours before cooking.